Autumnal Chatter from ISWC


Now, you know how I love to chat? Well, it’s coming in useful!

I’m going to be talking all things wedding-related this month and I’d love you to join me!

So here goes – my autumnal chatter (aka the ‘ISWC tour’ dates!)


This annual event is aimed at the whole wedding industry. I’ll be delivering two talks: The importance of finding your niche and Millennial Brides: ensuring you meet the needs of the most demanding generation yet!

COUNTRY HOUSE INNOVATION on 11th and 12th November

This event is aimed predominantly at venues and country houses. Whether you own or work for one, this one’s for you! I’ll be delivering this ‘complete guide’ session: Wedding Venue Business Models: A Guide To Different Methods Of Making Money From The Wedding Industry.

WEDDING PLANNING EXCELLENCE 2015 on 27th and 28th November

The 2015 seminar – exclusively for wedding planners, will be hosted at Millbridge Court in Surrey. I’m really looking forward to co-presenting two sessions on both days to other wedding planner professionals, and friends! With Louise Perry Weddings I’ll be discussing: Calculating your worth: Lucrative business or expensive hobby? and on the 28th November: When one just isn’t enough: Diversifying your business for profit – alongside Bellissimo Weddings.


Aimed at wedding venues, this conference caters for both brand new ventures and those well established in the events industry. My seminar talk will focus on: Branding Essentials: ensuring continuity of brand throughout the client experience.

For businesses to prosper, it’s essential to invest in a little professional development (yep, that golden business ‘me-time’). Without it, there’s barely any time to evaluate existing strategies – or develop new ones!

I’m a big fan of autumn, particularly as it usually frees up a little diary space for events industry professionals to get together and reconnect. Personally I think it’s what we all need – particularly following the hectic summer season.

So, book in and get ready for the ultimate brand booster!

P.S. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone – but I’ll be offering conference delegates some very special offers and discounts on my consultancy services…

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