Helping an established wedding venue reboot their marketing and recruit a new wedding team

BMA House, home to the British Medical Association, has been offering their event spaces to couples for some time, but felt that there was room for improvement in their offering and were seeking higher revenue events. With a new events sales team in place, we felt a ‘back to basics’ approach would offer the best foundation for establishing the target market, growing the brand, and establishing good sales and office procedures:

  • Venue appraisal of the spaces/operational layout
  • Definition of the target market and development of the target market profile
  • Competitor analysis (including site visits)
  • Clarification of the venue’s overall offering
  • Development of a marketing strategy
  • Individual training regarding implementing various specific elements of the marketing strategy
  • Sales training
  • Showround training
“I met with Isabel for a five day training course back in early 2012. Having expressed an interest in weddings from my previous employment, I was keen to gain a greater understanding of the market, both as a passion of my own but also to identify BMA House more as a wedding venue and to get us well established in the market.

The guidance given during the training was ideal and gave me a great starting point. It took me right back to basics which was essential for establishing our target market and showed me the importance of understanding who our brides are and how to tailor our marketing to them.

I found having the marketing flowchart to follow especially useful and I still use this chart today. Developing all the branches of the marketing strategy in one go was too much for me to take on, so each year I look back at the chart, review my notes and start working on a slightly different element of the bigger wedding picture. For example, last year I focused on building up our profile through our social media channels which has seen some amazing responses; This year I am focusing more on blogging, something that was very new to me prior to the training.

Having the training conducted on-site was very convenient and meant that I could apply the tools better having the physical building in mind – which in turn also helped me to learn about our limitations and challenges.

Isabel has provided continued support and kept in touch with me over the years, which I’ve found really useful when I’ve come to a halt! Response to my emails has always been quick, even when wedding season has been at its peak.

I would be happy to recommend Isabel to all other in-house wedding co-ordinators who are looking for training in this field. The wedding market is so different to the corporate one and I found that whilst many venues have superior knowledge in training their staff with corporate clients in mind, this is not so much the case within the wedding sector.”

Rebecca Hurley
Senior Events and Wedding Planner, BMA House