Hosting a showcase event? Read our 5 venue marketing tips.


Our client, Maunsel House, hosted a venue showcase for Wedding Planners and Press on Friday 17th October.

Situated at the heart of a 2,000 acre estate on the outskirts of the village of North Newton, Somerset, Maunsel House is most definitely not a hotel, but rather a much -loved family home. The ultimate wedding venue for couples who are seeking a residence that’s steeped in history, Maunsel House also offers an irresistible promise: complete flexibility. Quite simply, you book in and stage a takeover. Maunsel House offers a rather grand ‘home from home’ setting that is exclusively yours to celebrate in, however you wish, for as long as you choose to book for.

It is this ethos that shaped the venue marketing approach for Maunsel’s showcase to Planners and Press.

The intention? To enable guests to experience the hospitality of the venue first-hand and make them fall in love with it.

The relevance to the venue marketing strategy? If guests have a fantastic experience at your venue, then they become your FREE sales force.

Venue Marketing Showcase by Maunsel House


A showcase event has far more potential sales reach than a venue that invites people to attend individually for a show-round.

A well-designed showcase enables a venue to show off its hospitality to the very best standards and in a ‘controlled’ environment, whereas inviting people to view a venue on a casual basis runs the risk of them not seeing the venue in its absolute top-top condition on each occasion.

For example (and we have actually seen this happen!): It is most definitely not a showcase if someone turns up to look at your venue’s facilities for wonderful garden weddings and your marquee wall linings having been sent away for cleaning!

Stay on top of your venue marketing and pull out all the stops for one occasion that really will prove memorable for all the right reasons.

5 venue marketing tips to create a real treat for your guests:

  1. Make it invite only. Target the event planners and press that fit with your target market. There is no point in inviting people who won’t be selling to the right people.

  2. Make it fun:  People are far more likely to attend if it is a bit of party!. If possible, host guests overnight, with their partners present too. This makes the experience half-work-half-play, widens the circle of potential ‘venue evangelists’, PLUS this arrangement allows you to show off your gorgeous accommodation.

  3. Make the place look its best:  Now is the time to invest in all those touch-ups – be it on the website, or a lick of paint. Don’t scrimp; give the event a proper budget for food, beverage, decor and goody bags and think them all through properly so those little touches all add up and go a long way.

  4. Create some hype! Maximise your forthcoming showcase properly. Get a grip on your social media and business blogging. Do lots of Tweeting etc. and really promote across the different social media platforms in the build up to the event. A follow-up note or gift is a great gesture too!

  5. Don’t sell too hard. Your guests have arrived at your venue of their own free will, don’t spoil their experience and make them regret it! There is nothing more boring, tiresome and off-putting than being constantly ‘sold’ to. Promote a relaxed atmosphere and avoid making guests feel like hostages in a hard-sell hotel.

Having received a flurry of positive feedback, we think the venue marketing Maunsel House experience for planners and press was mission accomplished! Were you a guest that night? Do you agree this was a better way to see the venue, rather than trawling round it on your own? Please do leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the experience!

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