On Trend: 5 Things The Boss of A Wedding Venue Needs to Know in 2015


Getting married in 2015 is all about establishing individualism. Couples are keen to inject their personalities into their weddings, ensuring that their celebrations are filled with personal quirks.

To create an on-trend wedding celebration where all of the details reflect each particular couple, it’s essential that suppliers and services are super flexible.

For five ways that wedding venues can best meet client expectations, read on:

1. Get flexible

Many venues offer set packages to couples. While this can be an excellent guide for a couple and aid their planning decisions, it’s perhaps time to provide couples with ‘a complete flexibility’ option. From the room décor to the outdoor space – it’s time to allow your venue to be transformed according to current trends, using textiles: linens; drapes; seat covers and lighting: candles, up lighters, lanterns, chandeliers. Consider investing in a cover and some heating for the little outdoor space you have. In doing so, you create an additional event space – whatever the season!

Perhaps your venue has the capabilities of providing a large open plan space? While this is excellent, have you considered offering flexibility to your layout by creating designated areas? A couple may wish to dedicate an area to the wedding breakfast, perhaps a play zone for the younger guests, an area for outdoor games, a dance floor…. If your venue can create appropriately sized dedicated areas, you will be catering specifically for each couple and the size of their particular wedding party.

2. Accommodate ‘Wow’ pieces

How else will couples achieve individuality in 2015? It’s all about the ‘wow’ pieces trend! Couples are looking beyond just decorating the tables. They are looking to personalise the whole room/marquee/outside space at your venue.

From hired chandeliers to hanging floral installations and feature walls, it’s important to make sure that your venue can cater for all these personal touches! Have you, therefore, ever thought about offering rigging points in your venue? Even just a few nails in the wall could make your venue far more accommodating!

You could consider going one step further and invest in the production of a ‘wow’ piece’ for your venue!

3. Get to grips with technology

Another significant consideration in 2015 is deciding how much you wish to embrace technology at your venue. Plugged versus unplugged – the big question! We live in an era that enables experiences to be shared with the world immediately. It’s a fast paced technological world, and expectations are high, so it’s vital that your wedding venue reflects this.

2015’s wedding guests are no strangers to surround sound systems, microphones and amps galore, as well as lighting that can transform your dance floor! Your venue will be far more appealing if it can provide state of the art technology that avoids the need for additional hire items.

The vast majority of wedding guests in 2015 will be using the Internet on a daily basis. Searching for Wi-Fi when away from home is a common occurrence, so why not ensure your venue’s Wi-Fi is free and easily accessed for guests? They’ll love you for it! Perhaps you could allow visitors to sign in and upload their guest photos throughout the day. These could link via a specific hashtag and be displayed in ‘real time’ during the celebrations and viewed after the wedding via a gallery hosted on your venue’s website.

4. Go Unplugged

A couple may feel that there’s a time and a place for all this technology and that their wedding day is certainly not that time, nor that place! ‘Unplugged’ refers to a new trend where mobiles are completely banned; everyone switches off from technology. Photos and videos are left entirely to the hired professionals. Couples may feel that this is a refreshing approach, as it enables people to focus entirely on enjoying one another’s company.

It’s crucial to consider catering for an ‘unplugged’ wedding at your venue. Perhaps you can arrange for Wi-Fi access to be completely blocked off. Mobiles, tablets and cameras could be stored for guests in a completely secure, safe place.

5. Be transparent

Communication will rule as a king in 2015. Make sure you, as a supplier, are being completely up-front about all your costs and add-ons!  From the outset, if you offer a transparent service, emphasise it to prospective clients! Remember to include information about extra hours charges and the cost of additional staffing and corkage. It’s the seemingly little details that can add nasty surprises and cause conflict. Make sure all contract details are clear prior to your clients committing to hosting their wedding at your venue.

This approach is refreshing and will help build trust with your customers. Positive experiences of your wedding venue will be shared and recommended. Transparency contributes to strengthening the reputation of your services.

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