The importance of… Your In-house Wedding Coordinator


It never ceases to amaze me how undervalued in-house wedding coordinators can be by their employers considering the extent of their dedication to their role. The wedding department is so often seen as the ‘little sister’ department to room sales or corporate events, meaning that less investment is made in wedding marketing.  It often falls to the wedding coordinator meaning that not only do they have to wear a great many hats, they often end up working well over their contracted hours.

We all know what the core of their role consists of – taking enquiries, answering any and all queries, conducting show rounds and making those crucial sales.  Not to mention managing difficult and demanding clients, helping them plan the biggest day of their lives and making sure all the information is in place for a smooth-running day.

Those tangible efforts are easily tracked by looking at annual wedding revenue, but do you give any thought to the intangible benefits this vital employee brings to the property?

You might think that being office based, your wedding sales team doesn’t have that much contact with the outside world.  In fact, if your planner is doing their job fully, the contact they have with clients, suppliers and the wider industry through planning weddings and running the wedding social media (which we strongly recommend they do!) makes them one of the most public-facing members of staff on the team.  That daily brand and network building work is utterly invaluable to the business! And making sure that those weddings, attended by 100+ guests each time, run flawlessly makes for a great ongoing PR and goodwill.

So, have I impressed upon you here how important this role is?  I do hope so.  If you have an awesome wedding coordinator already then make sure you let them know how much you appreciate their work.

National Winner Best Wedding Co-ordinator

If you are looking to recruit a new team-member, then don’t just look out for the strong sales skills and fantastic organizational abilities that are the bedrock of the role.  We help a lot of venues recruit and train their team and passion counts for so much more than experience in my book. The role is so rarely 9-5 and we all know it’s hard to give 100% when working long hours if you don’t love what you do.  Moreover, they have to dive into the wider wedding industry.  This involves keeping fully up to date with wedding trends, building relationships with new suppliers and researching popular design ideas, all through reading related blogs and magazines. Without this essential daily research how can they possibly undertake their marketing duties and represent the wedding brand effectively?  How can they relate to couples, understand their visions for their days and help them find the right suppliers?

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