Top tips for the perfect showround


When it comes to wedding venues, the showround is your very best opportunity to make the sale.  The couple have already done some research about the property and made a certain level of commitment just by being there, so it is important to return that investment and get it right. So here’s a few tips to put you on the road to perfection…

Hotel Showround

Top Tip #1  Offer them a detailed map/directions.  There is nothing more frustrating for a bride on a venue-viewing mission than not being able to find you or not having been told about any parking restrictions!

Top Tip #2  Follow the sit, show, sit formula (seating the guests with the best view of the room).  Begin by sitting with your clients to go over the details you already have and clarify their needs.  Then show them all that your venue has to offer to meet those needs.  Then take a seat with them again to close and gage their interest level.

Top Tip #3  Offer them tea/coffee or a glass of prosecco/canapés.  This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your venue’s hospitality levels and the skills of your chef!

Top Tip #4  Congratulate them on their engagement and show genuine interest (but don’t over do it).  I can’t tell you how many clients I have converted because I really got excited about their plans.

Top Tip #5  Ask about their wedding plans to date. You want to gage their priorities so that you can showcase your facilities in such a way that matches those priorities.

Top Tip #6  Showcase your knowledge! Reassure the client that you know what you are doing – even through something as simple as going through your recommended timings for their day.

Top Tip #7  Show your event spaces as their guests would see them on the day (e.g. entrance to ceremony room, to drinks space, then to wedding breakfast to evening).  This gives the client a feel for how their wedding will flow.

Top Tip #8  Walk with your client, not in front or behind and always open doors for them.  This might just sound like basic good manners but it helps to break down the barriers between ‘salesperson’ and ‘buyer’, but still keep things professional.  Always indicate with your hands which way you are taking them when you get to a crossroads.

Top Tip #9  Show enthusiasm about each space you see and point out key features – especially as they meet any specific needs or desires of the client.

Top Tip #10  Use an iPad showcase how great the room can look!  You’re selling a dream, so help the couple to visualise what each room could look like on their big day.  Most couples say they can see beyond the bareness of an un-set space, but believe me, they can’t!


Photo credit: Bristol Hotel

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