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At Isabel Smith Wedding Consulting, we bang on about brand all the time.  It still amazes us how few businesses really get what a brand is, why it is so important to your clients and how you go about building it.

A consistent brand helps garner trust amongst your clients – trust which is utterly essential in the wedding industry.  You might well be an authentic, established business, but if clients can’t find you in multiple places, always with a consistent feel, they will soon start to worry that you aren’t all that legit.  We are talking consistency here between website, social media accounts, advertising and all your other marketing activities.

Take Twitter for example.  As with your website, when a visitor first lands on your Twitter profile, you have around 2 seconds to capture their attention.  It is only once they have decided (based entirely on gut) whether you look solid that they will proceed to read your content.

Let’s look at the must have basics for your business Twitter account:

  1. A professional icon: Nothing says “fake account” like the default Twitter egg! A photograph of yourself, or at least your logo, confirms that you are a real person with a credible account.
  1. A high quality headline image: As the most visual aspect of your profile, this must be business relevant, engaging, high resolution and above all, the right ratio! 1500px x 500px.
  1. A strong, but brief, bio: Say straight up what you do and make sure to complete your bio with your location and a link to your website.
Isabel Smith Consulting Twitter

Now that the look and layout of your account shows you as professional and inviting, it is time to start getting followers and growing your visibility.  I am a big advocate of using social media platforms as they were intended to be used (I never ‘Link In’ with people I don’t actually know in the real world for example).  When it comes to Twitter, it is supposed to be an online networking and content sharing tool.  So, the best way to build a following?  By networking and sharing great content!

Start by following people and businesses you know.  Then follow people and businesses you want to get to know.  Interact with them – comment on their posts and content.  You’ll find that a decent proportion of them follow you back.

From here, it becomes all about posting content which adds value to anyone who might come across your account:  Your followers, those you are following, potential clients, industry experts etc.  You want to ensure that you have a good internal content to external content ratio. For every 10 tweets, 9 should be posts that make your account worth following because they relay useful information relating to your industry that is of interest to your readership. The last 1 can be about yourself, your services, your latest news etc.  Visitors don’t like to be sold to so stick to sharing content which establishes you as an expert in your field.

Gaining followers will take time but the more valuable content you provide and the more you interact with the online community, the more it will snowball.

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